Postertex-en Postertex-ger

You can find the motto „adhere without leaving residues“ in the whole range of our products. Not only our self-adhesive polyester One-Postertex will inspire you! Here are some of our current substrates:


  • self-adhesive textile that leaves no adhesive residues
  • 100% high rigidity polyester
  • white (optical brightened)
  • flame retardant
  • MasterJet S333 Promotion

  • self-adhesive PVC-foil that leaves no adhesive residues
  • matt white
  • Air can exhaust through microchannels while placing the foil
  • Covver

  • our One-Postertex without glue - perfectly suitable for banners or backlight
  • MasterJet S555 SpiderLiner

  • self-adhesive PVC-foil
  • glossy white
  • suitable for long-term outdoor applications

  • PVC-free polypropylene- (white) or polyethylene- (clear) foil
  • adheres WITHOUT glue, leaves no residues
  • perfect for medium- to long-term applications (on smooth surfaces)

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