Postertex-en Postertex-ger

The Postertex Ltd prints on functional fabrics. Therefor we use a 6 color inkjet printer with water-based latex-inks (HP Latex 360). Further information about the latex printing technology you can find here.

Please make sure the surface is smooth and solid before attaching your picture. Low adhesion of two components (e.g. wall paint or plaster) can cause problems. To ensure the glue's durability, the surface also has to be dry and free of dust/grease (please clean the surface).

The following surfaces are suitable for your picture:
• walls made of wood, plastic and veneer
• floors made of stone and wood
• windows and doors made of glass, wood and veneer
• metals and lacquers
• ordinary and woodchip wallpaper, painted and plastered walls
Our material can be used several times.

Some colors and materials contain admixtures like latex or silicone. These can influence the effect of the glue. To avoid possible problems, we recommend to make a test on the selected surface.

If you wish to reuse our polyester material, you have to use an intermediate layer for it. That means, the glue must not come into contact with the printed side.

The printed side must not come into contact with sharp objects (fingernails, rings, objects with sharp edges and so on).

Adhesive window design
For thermal and glass technology reasons the fabric only should be applied on flat glass in the interior or permanently shaded facades.

Lacquered car parts
Our material has passed the climatic change test (interior and exterior use) by a famous automobile manufacturer. For exterior use you should remove the stickers after 7 - 8 days carefully. In this context you have to consider that you don't pull too hard or too fast.